Schools & Clubs 2017/2018

Community School –CSPE Students Action Project with Tidy town. Representative from Tidy Towns gave talks to class on Litter / Work of Tidy Towns etc.

Surveybeing undertaken by the students in the school on Sustainable Waste and Food Packaging.

Local Schools Green flag Status

  • Boys National School – Over the past three years they have three flags earned for Recycling, energy and water conservation. Last they have earned their fourth flag for travel and Transport. The Tidy towns group helped achieve this with talks on sustainable environments.
  • St Johns National School – Green Flag. In 2016 they undertook a project to improve water conservation with in the school. The school reduced their water consumption by over 47%
  •  council.

Mens Shed

  • Tree Planting
  • Flower propagation
  • Bird Box Project
  • Bat Box Project
  • Repar Cafe day planned for 2016